Can You Have Gallstones Without a Gallbladder?

You can still have gallstones even after the removal of a gallbladder. However, the condition is likely to be less common as well as less severe. Removal of gallbladder tends to reduce your quality of life. Photo Credit: Source Resource: what would cause a distended gallbladder without gallstones? – How to remove Gallbladder Gallstones

Can You Have a Period and Not Ovulate?

If ovulation does not take place, no egg is released, and therefore technically there should be no bleeding at all. This is biologically known as anovulation. In women where ovulation fails to take place due to an anovulatory disorder, bleeding can happen all the same. This is referred to as anovulatory bleeding and is not

Can you heat a can of vegetables with the water it comes in?

You can heat a can of vegetable in the juice it comes packed in. Some people drain the juice after cooking while some people drain it before because the salt content can be very high in canned vegetables. Photo Credit: source Resource: Why does vegetable oil heat up quicker than water? – How do

Can a Period Cause Weight Gain?

Periods alone cannot cause weight gain. Reasons behind abnormal cycle may be playing a role in increasing weight. Gaining weight even in the absence of a fundamental health problem can affect a woman’s hormones, leading to irregular cycles. Photo Credit: source Resource: What Causes Sudden Weight Gain? – What Causes Rapid Weight Gain? –

Can You Have a Partial Positive Pregnancy Test and Than a Negative One?

There honestly is no such thing as a partially positive pregnancy test. This is only possible if there has been an error in how that test was administered. Photo Credit: source Resource: What if the negative line on your pregnancy test is darker than the positive line? – Why negative pregnancy test then it

Can You Have Neck Pain after Hitting Your Head on the Steering Wheel?

Yes, it is possible to have neck pain after hitting you head on the steering wheel. It’s more commonly referred to as whiplash, and usually happens in car accidents where the car has been hit from the rear. Whatever the case may be, consult a doctor immediately. Neck pain could possibly be the symptom of

Can Anxiety Stress Cause Burning Tingling?

Anxiety stress can cause burning tingling. This can cause someone to remain in the same position for a very long time. It is therefore advisable to seek help, the moment you realise that you are facing stress. Photo Credit: source Resource: how does stress cause anxiety? – how to ease anxiety stress caused by

Can you have any sugar on dr. gott’s no flour no sugar diet?

No, you cannot have any sugar on Dr. Gott’s No Flour No Sugar diet. The idea is to remove all sugar and flour from your diet to help aid in weight loss. Photo Credit: link Resource: how to follow a no flour, no sugar diet? – which foods can be eaten on the no

Can Antibiotics Delay Your Period?

Antibiotics can delay your menstrual period as they may interfere with body mechanism for secreting the human chorionic gonadotrophin hormone, which causes shedding of the uterus. The effects of taking antibiotics should be fully explained to you by the doctor issuing the prescription. Photo Credit: Link Resource: What length of time will antibiotics delay period?

Can You Go Swimming with Your Cartilage Pierced?

After getting your cartilage pierced one should wait several weeks before going swimming. When the piercing is healed, one should clean the piercing thoroughly after swimming. Reference: Photo Credit: 1 Resource: How long should i wait to go swimming in the pool or ocean after getting your Cartilage pierced? – How long after