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Can You Live with Half a Liver?

You can live with only half of a liver. You can go on and live a completely long life. If you have to get a liver transplant, it would be a very dangerous kind of surgery. Photo Credit: source Resource: How Long can You Live With Liver Cancer? – How the Other Half Lives?

Can You Live without Your Pancreas?

It is possible to live without your pancreas. You should however make sure you take insulin to normalise blood sugar concentration as well as pancreatic enzyme supplements to help the digestion process. Your pancreas produces insulin and glucagon that control blood sugar levels. Photo Credit: 1 Resource: what is it like living without a pancreas?

Can you keep your cell phone number if you change to a pay as you go phone?

PhyllisM From my experience you could keep your cell phone number if you change to a pay as you go phone. When you activate your phone let the representative know that you would like to keep your same number. By keeping the same cell phone number your old phone would become inactive. Photo Credit: Link

Can You Hear a Baby’s Heartbeat with a Stethoscope?

After 20 weeks, a baby’s heartbeat can easily be heard using a moderately cheap and easy-to-procure stethoscope. Before 20 weeks of pregnancy, usually foetal heartbeats are normally monitored by doctors by using a heart rate Doppler. Photo Credit: Link Resource: how to hear your baby’s heartbeat with a stethoscope? – when can i hear

Can You Ingest Cocaine Orally?

Cocaine is highly addictive stimulating drug. The drug can be consumed orally or using injections. This drug is prohibited for non-governmental or non-medical use in many countries in the world. Photo Credit: Source Resource: What are the results of ingesting cocaine? – How long do the after-effects of orally ingested cocaine last? –

Can You Have Secondary Bone Cancer That Does Not Show up on Xrays?

It is possible to have secondary bone cancer that does not show up on x-rays. If the malignancy is still quite small it can go undetected for some time. Photo Credit: 1 Resource: how to learn about secondary bone cancer treatment options? – What is life expectancy secondary bone cancer and primary prostate cancer?

Can You Induce Your Own Labour?

No, it is not possible to induce your own labour. There is no proven method today that a woman can use with certainty, although some believe that spicy foods, acupuncture, sexual intercourse, castor oil, hot baths and herbal medicines can induce labour. Even pharmacological induction methods are known to have a high risk of failure

Can You Have Really Bad Cramps If Your Pregnant?

You can have cramps if your pregnant but they should not be really bad. They should hurt less than when compared to when you have cramps during your period. You should be concerned however if the cramps are accompanied by backaches or you start bleeding. Reference: Photo Credit: 1 Resource: What does it mean

Can You Hypnotize Someone While They Sleep?

Hypnotizing is generally done with the permission of the subject. When you want to make your subject do something without them knowing, it is called covert hypnosis. It can be done while the subject is asleep as the subconscious mind of a human never sleeps. Photo Credit: 1 Resource: how to hypnotize people while they

Can a Person Recover From Brain Death?

A large number of brain dead patients, even in profound coma, can recover to have a normal daily life. Their nervous tissue may only be silent and not irreversibly damaged, as a result of a partial reduction of blood supply to the brain. Photo Credit: source Resource: How long can a person be suspended upside