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Can You Get Sick from Drinking Sour Milk?

Drinking sour milk could make you sick just from the bad taste. Once it goes bad, it has a bad odor and even worse smell. There may be bacteria in the milk if it is really old that could make you sick. Photo Credit: Source Resource: What Happens if You Drink Sour Milk? –

Can a Lipoma Be Cancerous?

A lipoma is not cancerous. A cancer that is similar in appearance to a lipoma is called a liposarcoma. Reference: Photo Credit: Link Resource: What do you think this is — Cancer, Lipoma, or a Cyst? – how can i tell cancer, cysts, and lipomas apart? – What does this sound like

Can You Get Worms from Eating Raw Potatoes?

You cannot get worms from eating raw potatoes. The only time eating a raw potato would be dangerous would be if the farming area where the potato came from was unsanitary. Photo Credit: Link Resource: Why don’t worms eat potatoes in the ground? –’t_worms_eat_potatoes_in_the_ground What disease is caused by eating raw potato? –

Can Alcoholism Cause Diabetes?

Drinking alcohol can actually lead to the circumstances that cause diabetes. There is proof to suggest that heavy drinking of alcohol can decrease the body’s sensitivity to insulin, which can possibly activate type 2 diabetes. Photo Credit: 1 Resource: What is the Cause of Diabetes? – What Causes Juvenile Diabetes? – How is

Can You Get Pink Eye from a Cat?

You can indeed get bacterial pink eye from your cat and also from your dog. Pink eye is also known as conjunctivitis and is characterized by red and watery eyes with discharge. Reference: Photo Credit: link Resource: how contagious is pink eye? – When is Pink Eye Contagious? – Who Discovered Pink

Can a Cell Live without a Nucleus?

No, a cell cannot live without its nucleus. The nucleus contains important components such as DNA and controls all the activities taking place inside the cell. The absence of the nucleus thus results in the cell’s death. Photo Credit: Link Resource: What is a cell without nucleus? – How cell without a nucleus? –

Can a Baby Start Teething at 2 Months?

A baby cannot start teething at two months. The vast majority of babies sprout their first teeth when they’re between 4 and 7 months of age. However, if you notice your baby has teeth at two months, then those are plastic teeth which should be removed. Photo Credit: source Resource: When do Babies Start to

Can Anxiety Attacks Kill You?

Anxiety attacks cannot kill you. It may feel that way because of the irregular heart activity, but it does cause death. It is a brief period of time where the heart pounds. Reference: Photo Credit: link Resource: What is Anxiety Attacks? – What are Anxiety Attacks? – What Causes Anxiety Attacks? –

Can You Get Mumps If You Have Had the MMR Vaccine?

The Mmr Vaccine is meant to protect an individual from mumps and thus you cannot get a mumps infection if you have been vaccinated for MMR. Mumps is infectious and can be impediment to ailments such as meningitis and deafness. Photo Credit: Link Resource: If you have had both mmr vaccinations AND mumps, how come

Can You Get Shingles in Your Mouth?

You can get shingles in your mouth, but exposure to someone with chicken pox is not how you get shingles. If you have had chicken pox in your childhood, you are a carrier and can develop shingles spontaneously. If you did not have chicken pox in your childhood, it’s possible that you have chicken pox